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Listen to the little peach, not from a terror, and very not agree,timberland uk escaped the harm of the celestial being really calculate, DaQiu not complex, miss how to commit suicide?

In general speaking, if not for the woman and her eyes breath is linked together, never admit, small peach to doubt the present person isn't the asuras king.

The previous miss, ShaFa decisions, led YinSi border force, the spirit world will beat the blood become river and eloquent and between, the spirit world those nations, was she poked the carcasses of millions more, no young lady least can be softhearted eyes......

Incredibly cry, for such a worm existence of death to live, the present man is really miss?

No, small peach frowned, although her memory also missing a lot, but miss life with fragments of remember.

Young lady at ordinary times, does have a world hegemony the bearing, the true spirit, big devil ghost face her and all the obey orders, but also have weak, like this of true temperament although few reveal, but seems to have so a second time.

Only the original by her can't remember.

The present man is young lady, because the sad eyes his seen, and now is like.

And to this, the little receive back to the memory: "young lady, the people, to the ;, really important?

"Yes." The moon has answer is very simple, but will now show to look has clearly.

"Since it is so, small slaves will tell you method, although you now strength is very weak, but after all is the asuras WangZhiTi, will surely inherits the some the power of the faeries."

"The power of the faeries, what is that?" The moon has a stay, frowning.

"That is true, but the mana to have, you although no rises, but strength strong, can not be defeated in the celestial timberland sale Pi guy." Small peach the respectful explained.

"Oh." The moon has nodded. "with the power of the faeries will save the young master, should do?"

"Don't panic, I teach you a set of method tactic. In fact, it is before you the best, but" the asuras tactic "too heavy and complicated, as Dan period is not the practice, but only few words, from yuan in a bit of the inheritance of god out the faeries force should be no problem."

Small peach here, raise hand, gently a bit, a golden guanghua was flying into the inside of the moon has the eyebrows.

But the moon but have not felt any discomfort, but there is a feeling of into the warm water, lazy, very comfortable, she closed her eyes and a period of the text has already emerged in mind.

Not long, only the gold-lettered or so, but esoteric to understand, believe that even stick out, at least among the human, what hope a station building, dream like yan deeply, nine head LaoZu etc clutch period there were gathered together, and the power of the poor life and also studies out nothing.

But the moon is different, have little word by word, the interpretation of the peach, word for word, and this was supposed to be "the asuras tactic," the problem, previous generation was already quite familiar, even though the moon has heard muddleheaded, but his hands QiaJue, incredibly eerie with successful.

And it does miss, small peach loose tone, although just now, has a ninety percent sure, but now, see the moon has thus easy to mine the defiler, or let she will last a worry put it down.

"Then what should I do?" The moon has blinked, dismiss the wonderful feeling, and now she's jade hand flip, in white inside deeply red hand inside, emerged on smaller than a grain of several times points of light.

By rights, should and ordinary, but are beautiful, and the moon can feel it contains power, astounding even clutch period to the old monster, also can fry an shattered.

But small peach said, on the power of the life, the reincarnation of attachment in the timberland classic boots yuan of god, ManDaManSuan, also only so a bit, or if you have spare, run to-Buddha zong altar, throw it, absolutely the pie razed to the ground.

"The next to do?" See small peach sink, did not answer myself from problems, the moon has anxiously cross-examine up, master injury not delay.

"Miss, you are sure to save him?" Small peach face peep out one silk strange of color.

"All and ; said, master is the moon has heaviest heavyweights, without him, the moon also don't want to live." Little girl is very sure said.

"But for girls, and that's important, only one time..."

Small peach voice more and more small, the moon has a foolish, the face also red up, is......To help little wriggle up.

"Young lady, ; can think good, only a first kiss, he now meridians chaos, spirit force dried up, ; must mouth will force of the faeries Gui into the body, but he again lead to repair the meridians.

"What, the original ; say is kiss?" The moon has because shy crank reaches first, not from get up.

"Is kiss ah, arousing the faeries mouth of strength in the past, or that is what miss?

Small peach also froze, expression is full of accident.

"No, no." The moon has hurriedly motioning with his hand, flushed cheeks, oneself for...

The little girl dare not to think, that guy is pure baby, no continue to cross-examine down, making the moon big relief.

"But I don't have the body, this can not to be immortal strength in the past?"

"That would be a problem." Small wrinkle up eyebrows peach, but quickly and stretch open: "no relationship, although because the strength of the recovery, miss has not been subject to fix for the joint and several small is low, but I know a defiler, temporarily should can let you have the body,timberland women's high top and even though only a lamp that tea time, but only for the faeries force and repair the meridians, should also will be enough."

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Can the moon has really don't until do, actually follow master influenced timberland uk by, for Dan way of arts, the moon has also than ordinary godsworn know better.

Faint also guessed young master so pain and sufferings should be taken back to the yuan scattered sequela attack, know how, she remember listening to master said, take this medicine after, sequela can only go, master of it, a doesn't consider as what, but he ate so much,,

What to do, how oneself so useless, always all is the master was taken care of and dangerous he carried, but he himself as baggage, anything could do to help.

"Stupid girl!"The moon has just want to take his dozen, is no hesitation plan, suddenly flashes, a weird thing in the face.The xuan Yin treasure box.

The moon has shocked even looked at the master drives don't move. Only oneself to be able to use the treasures of the Xi how oneself to come out?

Heart surprised, as if by a share more eerie force drove, the moon has put out hands, gently will hold the treasure box.

They say, actually is but a piece of stone oval, slightly flat, no peculiarity, spirit force GuiQi is a no.

But fall into the girl is after the hands, but flashes, instead of a crescent shape handle is the short sword, fine styles with extremely, sending out shocking aura.However, this is only the beginning.

Then from that sharp blade on, flashed a dazzling group in the twinkling of an eye, red, orange, yellow, green, the blue purple, such as BaoLun general, coloured glaze changing. Then slowly rise to smoke.

Among the halo, a. Figure appears gradually, then slowly clear up.

"It is,"The moon has with hand yan mouth, looking at the suspended in the vanity of the young girl, the rapist picturesque,timberland boots however height is only a foot.

Somehow, the moon has clearly is the first time he saw this guy, and the scene before very eerie, can she but puzzling sense kind and clinking.

"Little miss" the charming smile of girl opened his eyes, but from the endless years of slumber as if in just woke up and saw the moon later, face reveals the happy, excited, ecstasy.

"Sou" to save the past."" I touch get?

Feel the mini version of the young girl running to his bosom, and that's really feeling, the moon was startled and no body yourselves.

"Of course with the maid breath, miss connected no matter whether you are what form small slaves can touch get"." The girl cried: "too good young lady you finally or the small maidservants rebirth will know to your best, even be three really fairy siege, and what effect, even those who may, in order to prevent the guy you rebirth, all the twists and turns, tampering with a world at the law of heaven and earth, is still a futile."

Even guess I'm afraid his past life is not a common characters, the moon has also dumbfounded, what you say, who I was.

"Miss don't remember, also is normal, you not is the new ruling YinSi six world, even for those who really fairy also terrified the asuras shaking the king?"

PS: well, well, this should be the most lovely the asuras king, the moon has said, I will TuiJianPiao, if not the way the friends today, tomorrow, and remember cast oh, moon too oversensitive. (to be continued), if you would like to know what should become, please login chapters more muscle, support

The moon has dumbfounded, but soon I will this thing threw far outside the cloud,timberland chukka how past lives, to me, and have no what, how to let young master through is the most important.

"Let alone this, , come and see, master now, spirit force meridians chaos dried up, and this may have a way to save?"

"Young master?" That woman a stay, beautiful eyebrow not wrinkle up: "young lady, you say what, you but the asuras reincarnation, governance, YinSi king is really fairy, no more than your noble, this just form a man......"

Small peach said here, low quality of the first, look at the coma LinXuan, more expression on the face to disagree, long although not ugly, but also to the into the war is less than that kind of sort, to build for leaving aside, human hadn't high order XiuXian person, can he spirit root is also too the garbage, this kind of circumstance, can rise spirit world are two said, how deserve their young lady?

But the feeling of the moon is different, as the saying goes, beauty lies in the lover's eyes, LinXuan grow while ordinary, but in the little girl's eyes, and yet, the other a perception.

Listen to the little peach say so, the moon has beautiful eyebrow ruffled, the air clear some not pleasure: "hate, no nonsense, , since that I miss, should listen to my master, he can still be saved?

Say to this Tan-Dan-son already is Xuan Ji to drip.

"Young lady, you don't try so hard, the injury, didn't what great."

See the moon has really angry, small peach not dare to cumulative momentum down, although just to himself, but to her intelligence, and also in picking out the immediate situation.

Although success seems to miss the reincarnation, but power and memory but were still the seals.

"Have to do good, quick, shaw told me." The moon has face ecstasy of color.

"This one a a a a a""What, not willing to?"

"No, little slaves, but this among them where to have slide embarrassed, if the previous miss strength, treatment he just little effort just, but you now to fix for the big loss, only Dan period of......"

Small peach here, face difficult color, then, is not her in to push to take off, but one.

"How about that, master he... he if anything happens, I also don't want to live." Capable of desire unique timberland 3 eye classic lug on son said.

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At that time LinXuan timberland uk is some take the sweating, but always endure, confirm that Syria has transferred to safety apfa later, he's afraid of being caught, dare not rest, and strong support for decades the fly,

In general speaking, if a change with order XiuXian person, but LinXuan such as unreasonable, then I'm afraid had fallen, ten have is flesh from exploding and die.

May LinXuan and their different, mana pure. In addition to the magic and is beyond, the demon spirit of the island a fortuitous, still let him get a FengWu nine days tactic.

Taking a pulse of demon, but this gourmet achievement method, LinXuan although only the second great perfection, but the body also been enhanced.

Plus the effect of a double baby Dan, just let him strong support flew to here.

The last power can be used open DongFu, confirmed that his safety after, heart in a loose. LinXuan but also does not support.

He will not too weak, actually LinXuan will have better is sick, you know, he's taking a bottle of back to yuan scattered.

And this kind of Dan medicine to the legacy of attack is one of so miserable as if all over in hell on, oil, LinXuan because eat too much, and painful also turned up several times of The Times, about half an hour ago, actually have attack, but then is not out of the woods, LinXuan just bear with his teeth.

After all he's experienced tried the baptism of the mind and mental fortitude is far from ordinary people can ratio, LinXuan can go this far, rely on, can not only only is blue of the benefits of xinghai, luck this thing is the same disembodied.

Akira difficult, want to go further than others will have outstanding place, there is a famous secular, called eat no cross, azimuth people master cheng yen, this sentence in the celestial, actually more fitting.

Want to be the person to experience so much suffering. Besides is longevity, the refined can become immortal.

If LinXuan halfway cannot help but pain, I'm afraid he is now the city of law cheap timberland boots enforcement to find stories,'re caught behind.

LinXuan choked back, came to safe place until, after fainting. After all, how tough will again, always is also has its limits.

All human sometimes.He is such a dizzy to nothing, but will the small moon aside frightened."Master, master," how?"

The moon has frightened to disgrace, since, LinXuan are the mainstay of her, two hundred years, two people never separation, called his valet, but in fact, it limited to call, the actual situation is. LinXuan has been to her life care, such as baby a painful, spoil.

But now, the young master but faint. He will not occupy?

The moon has dumbfounded, completely don't know what to do?

After all, before everything bears porch.

But now, master but falls into a coma, than the dead still ugly face, with the whole body spirit force dried up, the body is also very angry machine confusion.

The moon has very anxious to the misery of their own, to phase in body generation, but after the first disorder after, she finally or soon calmed down down.

By rights, it can be some strange.

If the LinXuan as the tree, so the moon is a creeper, have been affected by his care, the attachment to

But just before. Anxious to the fullest after, in the heart is puzzling has a desire appear, let her calm down.

The state is very strange, the moon has also say to himself, as if his ought to be the perfect setting, as if calm, quiet is he should have been some mentality, no matter what face dangerous, even to the existence timberland boat shoes of the terrible, even if true fairy, oneself also should not show panic.

Why will have such a feeling, the moon can say.

Can calm be calm, how should the next, little girl or a vacant."Master!"

The moon has ducks charming hindquarters, gently in his hand will be covered chest, god read out, cast in the technique on.

And their different visual field, the use find out other godsworn the status of the body defiler are limited, the casters to fix for the must find out the than to be high on many, or you'll be bounced off it.

But now the unusual circumstances, a LinXuan coma, and mana little, and secondly the two men have his valet blood pact, so LinXuan mana, not on the moon has exclusive.

After about half a lamp that tea, the moon has raised his head and expression on the face more but fear.

The master DanTian qi hai, can say it's a mess, two yuan baby, all coma, the demon Dan also stopped rotating, such as general possessed, suspended in DanTian vanity.

With the passage of time, the gas the sea itself a spirit force, but didn't come together, but desultorily rampage. In other words, the spirit force LinXuan start to destroy the meridians body and the meat.

Back to the magic word is scattered yuan of things, and fix the problem's imitation of demons, compared with the way, this is the path, Dan way is the same reason

By stimulating potential, crafty restore mana, a grain of back to yuan scattered, sequela can will among users torture half dead, how much more will LinXuan eat the bottle.

If the dream as yan deeply in this place, with her fix for the period of the clutch, at the big consumption mana, combined with some genius to treasure, perhaps can will LinXuan healed.

And the moon but yuan late baby, even until that treatment method, with her state mana, only GanDengYan.

Place"LinXuan opened mouths, from the throat, extrusion hoarse voice, countenance, even coma, still very timberland kids boots painful.

Looking at his appearance, the moon is so concerned, if can cure young master, even let himself out of his wits and she also won't hesitated a moment.

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Howler!On the other side, but has a shock to the ear timberland uk and roar into the ear, the whole but the devil, who see his hands QiaJue, whole body, rustle up inflation.

Turn an eye, this person had the devil with the technique, turning himself into a type of three zhangs have huge monster, every muscle Qiu ", the surface covered with black scales, a share of the gas of the fierce wild mind jumps out, also don't know, and whether he is nothing to be afraid of imitation demon race.

At that time, the hui tong in three of the siege, itself squeezed from two sides to look far"

Due to the distance between transfer, all happened here, and no one really, at this time the xuan, LinXuan is extremely fast fly dun.

Just the war, although it is in the suburbs spread stories, but play so flashy, ten have , must have moved near the forces of all parties, shaft city ace gathers, LinXuan can't snub a pause to breath flew from the hundreds of thousands of, just in a small barren hills on down

Will god knows a release, in two hundred near infighting is empty, LinXuan face a satisfied color, sleeve robe a breeze, several ways that fly alone, like gave to the mountain split.

Open for YuLinXuan DongFu it already is familiar with, how much more will he need right now. Just a shelter, some crude, also did not concern.

So less than a half of a lamp that tea time, the work is done.

LinXuan into a surprised hong, flying into the among them, then use soil spell, will block the hole, after briefly hide, even yuan baby godsworn, as long as not deliberately god consciousness in the nearby search, should also won't find out.

LinXuan (gas, but as if like the light energy consumption at a draught, pale and clinking, even a few timberland boots sale steps are sway, almost to the ground, hand on busy to the side of the mountain."Master, what's wrong with you?"

A flash of white light, a beauty such as flower of girls in the front, the moon has face was covered with anxious, jade hand, want to hold the young master, but suddenly from his chest in the past.No body!

But at this moment also can not consider of little dejected, master the way they are now, has indeed some scary, went pale and then walked into the color, said the sentence not nice, body than terrorist, the body is also in trembling. Open yuan baby period XiuXian person, can even hold seemed like hard work.

Association porch to hold the mountain. Slowly sit under the tip, sound general are not to jump! "Is just a mana run out of it."

"Master, you don't cheat me, mana drained, would not like to the point." The moon has the previous memory though not recover, but somehow also this life of the XiuXian Dan period, this is some common sense.

"Silly girl, don't worry, don't master I will cheat says, is just a mana drained, plus overdraw, a little yuan, original damage" LinXuan words not said, suddenly a splash fell down and sign of fine long hair not faint.

LinXuan does not lie, just to not let the moon has worried,timberland boat deliberately will say something to downplay some.

This time though survive, but one of the dangerous twists and turns, but LinXuan pieces into practice since the celestial, rarely meet.

Hui tong but clutch period XiuXian person, can and he play each other, LinXuan but has been at the upper hand, and the reason is that, is there is kid sister help, but most important, is LinXuan without reservation out a few things for his cast the best of best with treasure.

Bess quiet unreal fire, fusion "the essence of fire power after leaving aside, LinXuan using skillful, no matter mana or your body, the burden of all is not.

But the next several, but also different.

LingBao tongtian, power is a loaded mesh, but one-time will mana depletion.

Fortunately LinXuan have ChuLing belt, this just fill, but just this, is still not enough to deal with clutch period old monster, LinXuan have to display the same will squeeze dry mana true spirit a strike problem.

But the battle is still not the end, but ChuLing with short time is can't use twice.

Being forced to, LinXuan had to take out "back to yuan scattered, swallow.

This medicine is the way of things, and ChuLing added by external forces with different, is through the stimulation of the potential Xi method, quick recovery godsworn mana, and TianMo disintegration quite have a somewhat similar, although effect is good, but only later will be weakened.

And do gas hurts, refers to the use of a grain.

Can LinXuan was in critical condition, the so-called make rush decisions, which also tube had many fear anyone, in order to quickly recover mana. He will be a bottle of back to yuan all scattered swallowed it.

This was not over, afterwards and he led the moon, is a magic, with empty dazzle the ant eater led bald donkey war.

Because of fears that the kid sister of the safety of the sake, LinXuan will not procrastinate long war,timberland roll top boots for women although there is no use LingBao, but also continued for several kinds of casting defiler, so can in a very short time will be three bald donkey culling.

Otherwise empty though just gave away glare, after all is big godsworn, another old monk, also a, beginning, a middle, LinXuan although have help, again how could such a bang destroy the enemy?

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